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My Enamelware

Enamelware, vintage style in your home

When I close my eyes and dream about my grandma’s kitchen, one of the memories that comes to mind is the white enamel cups and blue decorated dishes, as well as the rich scent of her recipes.

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What is enamel or enamelware?

It is known as enamelware, a piece of steel dishes, covered with a coating of vitreous enamel or porcelain. Spain is generally known as porcelain dishes, but it has little to do with genuine porcelain. In Mexico, they are called vajillas de peltre. Actually, owing to the influence of the Anglo-Saxon world, enamel or enamelware dishes have started to be called.

resistant to oxidation and to food and beverage acids, so they are easy and convenient to clean. They cannot though, be found in microwaves! If you take a good look at your grandma’s enamelware, you can find that it is UV resistant and thus maintains the color for several years.

The kitchenware of the enamelware is practical, it can be used to make meals and eat directly from it or to reheat food.

Undeniably, this type of tableware has a very original look, evoking memories of past family dinners, but with an elegant and contemporary nature. It’s also true because if they get a hard hit, they can quickly peel off and reveal the metal inside, but this can’t be taken as anything against it, since it can add a retro touch to a piece of crockery that’s so stylish.

Dishes and cups of enamel are preferred for camping, countryside escapes, for fishing with friends at home, in the workplace, for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. In short, enamel dishes are suitable for use in any place or situation.

Antique touch of enamel dishes

Is every time spent always better? Well, okay! The retro touch of enamel (that’s what it’s called) returned to our houses, establishing a pattern. This type of tableware is also known as pewter tableware or glazed porcelain tableware and if you look closely, you’ll see it in a lot of photographs of Instagram, Pinterest, etc. because of the homey and retro touch that every decorator is looking for. White enamel (most widely used) is an aluminum enameled tableware with a porcelain layer with a distinctive blue rim, but there are other colors as well what color is your favorite enamel cup? The chipped effect of many of these enamelware accessories gives it an even older and more retro touch. You will find cups, bowls, pans or plates. Without a question, if you use one of these pots, your table or recipe would look very original. As far as the culinary style is concerned,

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How do I clean the enameled steel dishes?

The use or excessive cleaning of enameled steel dishes may damage the paint. In order to prolong their lifetime in the best possible conditions, careful preservation is required, as the remains will accumulate and in the case of vitrified pans, would end up carbonizing. Or worst, it may end up scraping the enamel coating, leaving the inside to light.

In the case of vitrified steel pans, you must be very cautious since the layer of enamel is often normally treated with a non-stick layer which, if you are not careful, allows the food to stick.
It is advisable to disinfect the remains of the adhesive on the labels with hot water, soap and sponge before first use.

The regular cleaning after use is also recommended, particularly in the case of cups, plates and other pieces of enamel in which it has been cooked. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher, too.

We suggest the use of neutral soaps and a sponge for hand washing of enamelware. Never use bleaches or oven cleaners since, in the case of frying pans, pots and oven trays, they degrade the non-stick layer, besides losing the shine of the enamel.

How do you store the dishes of love?

After each use, it is necessary to fully dry a piece of enamelware before storing it. If they have lids, it’s a smart habit to bring them down, in the opposite direction to their normal use. This way we’re trying to eliminate the risk that they will accumulate unpleasant smells. 

It is recommended that the interior should not come into contact with other metal kitchen utensils that could damage the coating of enamel. 

With the precautions of usage, cleaning and storage that we have recommended, an enamel dining service can be very robust. 

Enamelware FAQs

Is Enamelware dishwasher safe?

Enamelware is dishwasher safe, neither the enamel nor the color of your decoration will be damaged.

Can you put a tray of enamel in the oven or freezer?

Enamelware pieces can withstand extreme temperatures, both high, about 450ºC, and low, about -50ºC.

Can enamelware be used in the microwave

No !!, you can’t put it in the microwave because it’s metal underneath the porcelain enamel layer. It can be dangerous, in addition to damaging the microwave.

Can I use enamel pots or pans in an induction stove?

Enameled pots or pans with steel interiors are appropriate until the enamel is affected.  Those made of aluminum or some other metal must be fitted with an adapter.

Can you put a pot of enamel on a fire?

Pots and cups of enamel can be used without any problem in a fire or in a barbecue. The enamel can withstand high temperatures. Traditionally they have been used in rural environments or by people who like adventure, because of their durability and resistance.

Is it safe to eat food in an enamelware dish?

It is one of the safest ways to eat or drink. Enamel is a completely neutral surface, it does not react with any acid in the food. It also does not contain any harmful ingredients.

How do I take care of my enamelware?

The emamel is immune, but it can also be affected if handled without due treatment. It is advised that you should not throw, drop or scrape. If it occurs unintentionally and the enamel chips come into close contact with unprotected steel, you should avoid using it for cooking. Don’t throw it out, you can still use it. Harm can make your piece of enamel special, use it as a decoration feature!

How should I clean my enamelware without damaging it?

A sponge and dishwashing liquid will be sufficient. Do not use a scouring pad! If the dirt is greater, follow our care and cleaning advice

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